Assistant manager

“Today's a new day! "

Aaricia has a role of capital importance; this is the first face you will see during your visit to the show! Above all, be careful what you say to her when she welcomes you… Our Lady Gaga remembers all the names and stories of all our customers!

A little more about Aaricia ...

If she could swap her hair with a celebrity's it would be: Gigi Hadid.
A product for the hair without which she could no longer live: "Nectar Thermique" by Kérastase
If she was a cut, she would be: a "Lob" cut
Her little weakness : bacon.
Something weird we should know about her: Aaricia would eat tacos for breakfast she loves it !.
The artist who inspired her the most: Amy Winehouse.
Her dream destination: Bora Bora.