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Specialty: Cut, color, balayage, extensions, regular styling or for events (wedding / prom)

"The blonder, the better."

It was while working as a receptionist in a hairdressing salon that Camille fell in love with the environment. Determined and talented, she quickly went from assistant, to junior hairdresser, to colorist in just a few years. What fascinates her about her work is the human and creative side: she loves meeting new people and creating new looks.


Monday, and from Thursday to Saturday.

A little more about Camille ...

THE movie where we find the best hairstyles: Vicky, Christina, Barcelona.

A product for the hair without which she could not live: the incredible blowdry by Kérastase.

Weirdest request she's ever received from a client: Courtney Cox bangs in Scream 3.

The artist who inspired her the most: Jen Atkin.

Something weird we should know about her: she can say "I love you" in 10 languages!

What is her dream destination: Germany.