Stylist: Cut / Style.  His motto «Quickness, efficiency and punctuality»

Availabilities: From Wednesday to Saturday

François greets his clients, identifies quickly their requests and executes them perfectly! A real machine who never neglects the most important part: he enjoys the time given with his clients to offer them a therapy at the same time. What he likes the most about his job is the fact that each day is a new unpredictable adventure!

A little more about François…

His running gag: ‘ Where the forest moves back, the civilization moves forward.’ (baldness, get it?!)

If he were a haircut, he would be: the Stanley cut (Stanley cup, get it?!)

The celebrities who have the worst haircuts: Trump and Sonia Rykiel.

If he were to be alone on a deserted island with only 2 items, they would be: a helicopter and water.

If he could change his name, it would be: Einstein.