Stylist: Cut / Style / Psychology

Specialty: Haircut, regular styling or for events (wedding / prom) and curly hair

"Speed, efficiency and punctuality"

François receives his clients, quickly identifies the request and executes it to perfection! A real machine that does not neglect the most important; he takes advantage of the time he has with his clients to offer them therapy at the same time. What he loves about his job is that every day is an unpredictable adventure!


Wednesday to Saturday.

A little more about François ...

His joke: "Where the forest recedes, civilization advances." (Think baldness ...)
If he was a cut, he would be: the Stanley cut.
Celebrities with the worst hairstyles: Trump and Sonia Rykiel.
If he went to a desert island with only 2 items, it would be: a helicopter and water.
If he could change his first name, his name would be: Einstein
The superhero he identifies with the most: the Iron Man.