Stylist: Cut / Color. « One who knows how to listen inspires trust.»

Availabilities: From Wednesday to Saturday

Seeking for a job during his studies in visual arts, Gregory got an assistant position in an hair salon. Recognizing his ease with customers and his excellent comprehension of the color technique, he was suggested to study hairdressing with a promise of an official position at the term of his studies. That’s the proof natural talent truly exists!


A little more about Gregory…

​If he could exchange his hair with any celebrity: Charlie Chaplin.

THE movie where we can see the best hairstyles: The Hunger.

His favorite discussion subject with the clients: their lives, theirs interests, their passions and their dreams...

If he were to be alone on a deserted island with only 2 items, they would be: Any novel from Thomas Mann and his Swiss Army.

The artist who inspired him the most: Claude Monet.

His dream destination: heaven.