Specialty: Cut, color, highlights, regular styling

"Who knows how to listen inspires confidence."

It was while looking for a job while studying visual art that Gregory found a job as an assistant in a hairdressing salon. Noting her ease with clients and her excellent understanding of color theory, it was suggested that she study hairdressing with a promise of a job when she left school. It just goes to show that natural talent does exist!


Wednesday to Saturday.

A little more about Gregory ...

If he could swap his hair with a celebrity's it would be: Charlie Chaplin
THE movie where we find the best hairstyles: The Hunger.
His favorite topic of discussion with clients: their life, their interests, their passions and their dreams ...
By leaving on a desert island with only 2 items, he brings: any novel by Thomas Mann and his Swiss Army.
The artist who inspired him the most: Claude Monet.
His dream destination: paradise.