Stylist: Cut / Color. « Each person is unique »

Availabilities: On Tuesdays and from Thursday to Saturday

« Multi-tasker » in the field, Réal spent over 5 years teaching, participating in shows and won 2 trophies in competition! What makes him so passionate about his job is the constant change and the challenge that it represents every day. His clients love him for his dynamism and effective listening!


A little more about Réal…

​The weirdest request he ever received from a client: to trim the nose hair.

If he could exchange his hair with any celebrity: David Beckham.

On Saturday nights, we find him: at the Place des Arts.

His favorite discussion subject with the clients: outings and travels.

Something weird we should know about Réal: He LOVES shoes.

The superhero to which he identifies himself the most: Thor.