Assistant manager

“Ignorance only leads to discomfort. You have to stay curious. ”

Samuel (who we all call Sam) is the right arm of Jean-François, owner of M. Already familiar with the world of hairdressing, he himself was a hairdresser / manager for 11 years in the city center of Montreal. Immediately after meeting him, we knew that his creative, playful and attentive side would be a “perfect match” with the team. Fascinated by all forms of art and culture, he is also a painter and specialist in 3D digital art.


A little more about Samuel ...

If he was a cut, it would be : a mule.

His dream destination : Japan.

The most bizarre request he received from a client: to give him back his hair in a doggy bag.

His little weakness : ramen and nachos.

A product for the hair without which it could not live : Elixir Ultime by Kérastase.

Something weird we should know about him : he's terrified of insects.

THE movie where you can find the best hairstyles : Gatsby.